Sunday, 14 August 2011

Writing exercise 2

Sometimes, if I just need that tiny sparkle of imagination to get my brain cells going, I go to a certain web page and generate a first line. Than, I just sit down and write whatever comes to my mind following that line somebody has written for me. So, today's line is Happiness lay somewhere in the future. Hmmm, challenge. The purpose of the exercise is not in creating a perfect story but if you produce one, two great sentences which you can use in the future, it is worth it. And it is fun. You never know what will come out and sometimes it is a great fun or surprise! Take a pick and try it yourself. I will try to post a line a day for my followers to have a go if you are stuck. It is also a great way to start your blocked engine too.

Happiness lay somewhere in the future, she knew that now. After so many attempts to turn the fortune  to her advantage Laura was on the verge of giving up the hope. The fortune teller must have been right saying she is the only person in the whole world who can change the course of events. Laura was told she must take her life into her hands and stop listening to others, stop obeying their orders despite them telling her it is for the best. And she knew, right at the back of her mind, that it is true. She hesitated, closed her eyes and tried to imagine what her life would be like if she listened to the fortune teller. She could see herself walking freely along the streets of Paris, book in her hand, while sitting on the bank of Seine and having a light snack at lunch time. She could taste the wine, smell the river full of water buses with tourists on board, taking in the atmosphere and the beauty of a city in the dimming light of dying day. Laura would just stare into the distance, looking for the stars, knowing, she is the one who has to do it. Than she would stand up, straighten her skirt and wrap the scarf tightly around her neck before making the first step towards the water.
No, that was the picture they wanted her to see and act on it. She was going back to her old roots, the habit was stronger than she hoped.
"Yes, they know how to influence your mind, how to twist your thoughts, how to make you do whatever they want and need. Remember, happiness is there, far ahead, be strong and grab the chance, possibly the only one you'll be given," Laura was persuading herself out loud.
The day was dying as quick as Laura's belief in better future. 'Perhaps, happiness is not for everyone,' she thought.

Here I stopped and started to think too much. The aim is to write without a pause, don't worry about punctuation of a grammar and just write. You should be able to write at least 250 words a piece. Good luck and let me see your exercises, too.

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