Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Weekly writing challenge-vignette

This week's writing challenge has been set! I will write a vignette, a piece that reveals something.

Emma stood by the cooker, subconsciously aware of the heat the burner was generating while a pot of stew sat on the top of it. The air was full of rosemary and garlic scent mixed together with lamb. She could not see anything for the evening has set in and the windows have steamed up so much that drops of water were rushing down leaving uneven traces behind which resembled a picture of detailed road map. She breathed in through her nose and closed her eyes in attempt to compose herself. The visitors were coming any minute now. The shin on her left leg still hurt from this morning accident in a supermarket. That man was well out of order to ask her out after he almost broke her leg with his heavy loaded trolley. She was still angry but could not get his smile out of her head. 'Silly girl, you are.'
Kristen left her alone while setting up the lounge in anticipation of upcoming evening. His plan must work this time as he did give it a lot of thoughts and planning. The tires screeched on a freezing ground and the headlights illuminated the stairs leading up to the front door. Kristen's palms were sweating a little and he had to wipe them onto his trousers before approaching the door to open it and let his old friends in.
Her heart jumped and she swallowed heavily. She was not prepared to face strangers; she felt like a baboon in a Zoo, on display in front of visitors waiting for an entertainment. This was not the reason why she chose this country, this part of the world to start again and forget the past. Despite all those negative feelings, she felt excitement, too. Maybe it'll bring her something new.
She could hear Kristen welcoming his friends, she could hear him laughing for the first time since her arrival a month ago. Limping slightly, she made her way through the corridor and just as she was stepping into an angle of vision, his face appeared and he looked as shocked as her. The trolley man stood in front of her, his mouth open, frozen expression on his face.
'I knew I couldn't have lost you,' he exhaled and Emma collapsed and slid onto the floor.

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