Monday, 15 August 2011

Money, fame or satisfaction?

Why do I write? What do I want to achieve?

I guess, these questions do pop up every so often inside every writer, author, famous or not, rich or poor, discovered or not. Why do I write question could be altered to When did I start and why? Well, speaking for myself, I have started to write very early, as a child I wrote a typical childish stories, tales about dragons, witches and knight, not much about princesses, though. In an adolescence I wrote mostly poetry, which now seems a bit silly and naive, but I guess, it must be the age:-). In my early twenties I began to work on more "serious" pieces; I was never a particular fan of short stories. Thus novels they were. I've managed to finish two of them but now i know they weren't as good as I thought at that time. However, with a little bit of hard work, i could easily use some parts and rewrite it, if I wanted to but my head is full of new projects I cannot shake off.
I know I still did not answer my first question. Well, I feel I have to write; I have physical need to let my thoughts out in written form, see the words on a piece of paper (that's why I prefer handwriting, partially for its pain it brings-if you write long enough without break your fingers begin to get into spasm and that hurts), hear the rustling of pages, be able to make a notes with a pencil and so on... I also write to be recognized. And who says they are not bothered by recognition they're lying. Lets face it. It would be bloody brilliant if my novel got published and mentioned in a papers or a film based on it. It would be great if I could earn a living by writing, by actually doing something that I love and not just because I have to pay the bills to keep a roof above our heads.
I see now I have answered both questions in the last paragraph. I want to my novels to reach wider audience, I want them to give people a little bit of pleasure so they would want to read it not only once like I do with some of the books I love.
Well, this is my dream and dreams can come true; I just have to work hard to make them happen. What about you? Are your opinions more modest or you share my views?
One way or the other, we all write to express ourselves, no matter what. So let me wish us all the very best of luck in our future adventures and as much success as possible:-)

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