Sunday, 4 September 2011

Positivity I need

I have been abandoning this blog recently; not intentionally though. That's why the "Best intentions" name:-).
I realized I have to set myself a daily target of how many words I have to write. Actually, better attitude would be "how many words I can/will write", only to decrease the pressure of a "must". I never liked being pushed into something, forced by somebody or something. It never really worked for me that way. If I set my  mind well, I am able to do anything I want. Or, at least, give it a fair try.
So, as a study materials for my open uni course A215 have been dispatched on 2nd September and should arrive in the beginning of next week, I need to support my mind with positive thinking and patience and good will and self belief to help me to get through the next nine months. And not only that; I need this to help me along the way writing a lots of books:-)


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